Use an email template

We offer a number of free templates you can choose from, with attractive designs to cater for all needs.

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Selecting one of our free templates is a quick way to get your campaigns up and running, and to become familiar with EasyEditor's key functionality.


About our free templates

Our free templates are grouped into collections:

  • Start from scratch

  • Island

  • Orange

  • Qish

  • HOPP

  • HRx

  • Seasun Travel

Each template has an individual title, which indicates its style and format. There should be something for everyone to work with.

Start from scratch templates are very basic in their design, so are probably better suited to more experienced users who've created and sent several campaigns already, and are comfortable working with the tools and features in EasyEditor.

Use a premade template

  1. Go to Content > Template > Email templates.

  2. Hover your mouse over the template you're interested in and two options will appear - Select and Preview.


  3. You can select Preview when on a template to have a closer look.


  4. To choose a template, select Select.

  5. Enter a campaign name and choose a folder location.

  6. Select Continue to go to the campaign setup screen, and from there, campaign design.

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