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Edit a saved email template
Edit a saved email template

Save templates into your template library, allowing you to modify them again and again when creating new campaigns.

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Saving your customised email templates means you don't have to keep starting from scratch or keep seeking out a specific design from our free templates selection.

Your preferred templates can be saved and are then ready for you to modify with ease.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have the user permissions to Edit campaigns and use the Template administrator.

Edit a saved email template

  1. Go to Content > Templates > Custom email templates.
    This area is empty until you save your own templates.

  2. Hover over the template thumbnail and select Edit.

  3. The selected template opens in EasyEditor. Edit your template, and select SAVE & CONTINUE.

  4. You can next edit the plain text version of the template.

  5. When complete, select FINISH.

The edited template appears refreshed on your Custom email templates page, with an updated modification date beneath it.

Not seeing the edit option?

To be able to edit a custom template, you must navigate to Content > Templates.

If you instead navigate to Campaigns > Email > New campaign > Custom templates tab you only see the option to preview a template, not to edit it.

The table below should help you identify when you are on the correct page to be able to edit a template.

check mark

Correct view

  • Page heading is Templates

  • Tab title is Custom email templates

  • Button text reads UPLOAD TEMPLATE

cross mark

Incorrect view

  • Page heading is Choose a template

  • Tab title is Custom templates

  • Button text reads UPLOAD CAMPAIGN

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