Multi decision node

Use the multi decision node to branch programs to multiple outcomes.

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The multi decision node allows you to add a more complex question to your automated programs than the simple two-way (yes/no) decision node. In short, it lets you branch your programs into multiple outcomes.

You can set a maximum of ten outcomes to one multi decision node – that's nine questions and one final default route (the route your contacts follow if they don’t meet any conditions of previously defined routes).

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must be building a program in the program builder.

  • You can have a maximum of 20 decisions in one program. Every route of a multi decision node counts as one decision.

Use the multi decision node

To use the multi decision node in your programs:

1. Drag the multi decision node into your program.

  1. While building a program, find the multi decision node in the list of Program nodes, under the heading Decisions.

  2. Drag the multi decision node onto your program.

2. Set up the default route

This is the route taken when no other route criteria are met.

  1. Create a program node for the destination of your default route. If you already have one, you're ready to move on.

  2. Select the default route crosshair and drag it to its correct destination.

3. Create conditions for your routes (decisions)

  1. Before you start, plan and create destination nodes for all your possible routes.

  2. Select the lower half of the multi-decision node on your program canvas. This opens the multi-decision side panel.

  3. Under the heading Routes, select Select condition and create the condition for your first route. Repeat this to create additional routes. You can have a maximum of nine condition-based routes.

    You can set conditions by these criteria:

    • Contact has opened a campaign

    • Contact has clicked a link in a campaign

    • Contact has been sent a campaign

    • Contact data field rule

    • Present in the selected segment

    • Contact is opted into the selected preference

  4. Drag the condition lines to their destination nodes.

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