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Improve engagement and inbox placement
Improve engagement and inbox placement

Develop a holistic strategy to maintain a good sender reputation and boost your engagement and deliverability.

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To enhance recipient interaction with your emails and improve the mailbox providers' view of your sending domain, you must modify your sending strategy, including who you send to and the content you send.

We offer various tools for data collection, management, hygiene, segmentation, automation, and personalisation that can help you achieve your goals.


  • Obtain explicit permission from recipients and only send emails to those who have granted consent. Remember, consent is not transferable.

  • Monitor engagement and interaction metrics to determine if recipients are still interested in hearing from you.


  • Send relevant and timely content.

  • Identify where recipients are in the sales cycle and provide helpful information at a frequency that doesn't cause irritation.

  • Invest in email design to ensure it looks professional, matches your branding, and renders well on all devices and mail clients. Consider accessibility to reach and engage all recipients.

  • Develop a sunset policy based on the risk of sending to unengaged recipients versus potential revenue.

  • Send emails less frequently to unengaged contacts.

  • Avoid training recipients to open emails only when they're ready to buy, as this can increase the likelihood of your emails landing in spam folders.

Empower Recipients

  • Always include an easy opt-out option.

  • Offer choices such as opting down (receiving fewer emails), opting into/out of specific mail streams (for example, offers or newsletters), and updating interests. Implement a custom preference centre and include a link in your emails.


  • Set and meet expectations regarding the content and frequency of your emails when recipients sign up.

  • Establish predictable patterns and gradually increase your sending volume during peak times.

Implementing these strategies can improve engagement and inbox placement, leading to better email deliverability and overall campaign success.

Can Dotdigital resolve my deliverability issues?

While it would be ideal to have a magical configuration or HTML code to guarantee inbox placement, the reality is that improving deliverability requires a change in strategy.

The Dotdigital Deliverability team are committed to partnering with you to help you succeed. Our Deliverability packages offer various services, such as:

  • A snapshot audit of your deliverability performance.

  • Ongoing enhanced insights into your inbox placement.

  • Tailored consulting to troubleshoot issues and develop an actionable strategy for success.

For expert assistance, contact your Customer Success Manager or contact our support team and ask about our Deliverability packages.

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