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Design a survey, page, or form with EasyEditor
Design a survey, page, or form with EasyEditor

Surveys, pages, and forms have fewer limitations than email campaigns when it comes to some features of their design and functionality.

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You can build and edit surveys, pages, and forms using EasyEditor. You can also add tracking code, publish, unpublish, and republish them.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Use the Build and Styles tabs

The Build and Styles tabs are two different areas in the page builder where you can access the building and styling elements of your pages.


Build tab

In the Build tab, you can use different building tools:

  • Building blocks
    Create the general parts of your page with these blocks:

    • Content
      Add titles, subtitles, section titles, text boxes, images, images and text, text and images, buttons, PayPal options, and videos.

    • Layout
      Add columns and spacers.

    • Tools
      Add sharing options, social links, countdowns, time and geo targets.

    • Advanced personalisation
      Add loops, decisions, and Liquid markup.

  • Form blocks
    Design the bulk of your page using form blocks, such as text boxes, opinion scales, and action buttons.

  • Custom building blocks
    Store and access previously made building blocks for reuse.

  • Images
    Upload, choose, and manage your images to drag onto your page.

  • Your old surveys
    Drag your active surveys and forms onto your page to improve reporting and automate communications.

Page title

The page title that displays in your browser is taken from the Title content block on the page. If you edit the page and remove this block, the page title in your browser remains.

To edit the page title in this case, go to Utilities > Edit source and edit the text between the <title...></title> tags.


Styles tab

In the Styles tab, you can style your pages to match your branding:

  • Background colours
    Choose and manage your page background colours with these tools:

    • Background layers

    • Colour picker

    • Colours in this page

    • Custom colours

  • Colour theme

    • Custom colours

  • Background images

    • Background layers

    • Position, size, repeat, and scrolling.

  • Borders & padding
    Style the various borders and their padding on your page.

    • Borders
      Select the style, weights, and colour for your borders.

    • Padding
      Select the size of your padding.

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