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EasyEditor extensions: App blocks overview
EasyEditor extensions: App blocks overview

Pull content from other platforms and applications into your email campaigns, landing pages, and forms, without having to alter any code.

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App blocks are additional blocks that can be added to EasyEditor. These blocks are added to your account as account-scoped insight data collections. They are automatically converted into drag-and-drop building blocks within EasyEditor.

The specific process of adding a block to your account varies depending on the application you are using. However, in general, it involves a simple process of adding your Dotdigital API credentials to your account in the partner software.

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Manage your App blocks

To manage your App blocks, go to Connect > EasyEditor extensions.

EasyEditor extensions displays the app block groups added to your account. Each extension shows the associated insight data collection name, the number of blocks in each group, and indicates if any blocks contain errors.

App block errors

Errors with an App block normally need to be resolved by the third party who created the block.

View Insight data for a collection

To view an insight data collection for an extension, select the collection name.

View App blocks in a Group

To view the available App blocks in a group, select the group name.

The group page displays the block name, status (whether enabled or disabled), date of last modification, and any errors associated with the block. The page also indicates the editors in which the block can be utilised, such as email; Surveys, pages, and forms; or both.

View App block details

To view the details of an individual app block, select its name. This opens a side panel that displays information about the block and provides the option to enable or disable it. To perform this action, toggle the Status switch to either Enabled or Disabled, and then select APPLY.

The side panel also displays an app block's description and links to any supplementary documentation, if available.

Enable or Disable App blocks

To enable or disable multiple blocks, select the checkboxes for the blocks. Then, expand the MORE ACTIONS drop-down menu and choose the option to enable or disable the app block. Disabled app blocks are not visible in EasyEditor.

Delete or disable App blocks

To delete app blocks that belong to a group, select the checkbox of the app block, then select DELETE.

A popover appears, asking you to confirm the action. Confirm once again by selecting DELETE.

There are no data dependencies in place to prevent you from deleting or disabling individual App blocks. If you delete or disable an app block that is in use:

  • You cannot publish a page or form with a deleted or disabled app block added to it. A deleted or disabled app block in use on an already published page or form does not display.

  • A warning appears on the campaign summary page and campaign preview if you have included a deleted or disabled app block. Deleted or disabled App blocks no longer display in a recipient’s inbox.

Deleting EasyEditor extension insight data

It is only possible to delete an insight data collection for an EasyEditor App block if it is not in use in any email campaigns.

App blocks in EasyEditor

Enabled App blocks appear in EasyEditor on the Build tab of the left side menu. Each app block group that you have added to your account has its own drop-down in EasyEditor which contains the individual blocks within that group.

To add a block to your email campaign, page, or form, drag and drop it to the required position on the design canvas. A side panel opens with information about the block you have added.

For some blocks, you must complete some data input - for example, adding a data field placeholder to include a contact email address in the app block, or providing a Product ID.

You can’t apply the app block and close the side panel until this data input is complete. Hover over the tooltip for more information on the data required. The individual documentation for different App blocks gives more information on any data inputs required.

Once you’ve completed the setup for the block, select APPLY.

Add App blocks to columns

You can use most app blocks within column blocks in EasyEditor. However, this functionality is only specific to some app blocks — not all apps are compatible.

App block styles

Some app blocks inherit the styles of your campaign, depending on how they were developed. To style the content of your app blocks:

For app blocks that don’t inherit styles

  1. Expand the Utilities drop-down menu.

  2. Select Manage all styles.

  3. Select Edit next to App block styles.

    From here you can edit you app blocks text style. The star rating colours cannot be changed.

Learn more about using the Style manager in Choose and manage styles.

For app blocks that inherit styles

On the EasyEditor canvas, select the app block, to open the style options, then select STYLE CONTENT at the bottom of the side panel.

App block details

The styles side panel displays basic details that can be customised for each app block. These details might include names, review counts, or colours used for app block elements. Follow the on-screen guidance to make changes to these details.

App block tracking

To help you track your app block performance, we apply your account-defined UTM parameters to any links within your App blocks.

Learn more about UTM parameters in Add UTM tags to email campaign links.

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