Form: Add action buttons to your pages and forms

The Action buttons block automatically adds action buttons to any of your pages and forms that contain forms elements.

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Action buttons are buttons such as Submit, Back, and Next.


Before you start

Things you need to know:

Add an Action buttons block

  1. Expand the Form block menu, then drag the Action buttons block onto the EasyEditor canvas.

  2. Select the block to open the Settings menu.

  3. To change the text for any of the buttons, enter your new text in the left-side settings menu. You can change the text for:

    • Submit button

    • Back button

    • Next button

      When you add sections to your form, the Action buttons block automatically updates to show the relevant number of buttons. So, for a from with a single section, you will see only a Submit button, but adding additional sections will also display the Back and Next buttons.

  4. To change the button position, expand the Button position drop-down menu and choose Default or Stick to bottom of page.

  5. To change the button layout, expand the button layout drop-down menu and choose a layout option.

    Layout options are:

    • Split

    • Group left

    • Group centre

    • Group right

  6. If you want to change the style of the button, select Manage button styles and use the style editor side panel to make your changes.

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