Add an unsubscribe option to your page

It’s essential to provide your subscribers with an easy way to opt out of receiving your campaigns.

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Creating engaging content and building relationships with your audience is valuable, but respecting their privacy and preferences is equally important. Adding an unsubscribe option to your landing page is a great way to maintain a healthy and compliant contact list.

There are three steps to this process:

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • All accounts come with a default unsubscribe page. This article explains how to add an unsubscribe option to a page created in the Surveys, pages, and forms area.

  • Campaign-level unsubscribe reporting isn't available with this unsubscribe method.

Form blocks

You can not use form blocks and unsubscribe form code on the same page.

1. Get the unsubscribe code

  1. Expand the User menu and go to Settings > Contacts, then select Signup forms.

  2. Expand the Signup channels drop-down menu and select Email only, SMS only or Both Email and SMS.
    Your selection here determines which channels are unsubscribed.

  3. For Include unsubscribe option, select YES.

  4. Select GENERATE CODE.

  5. In the Signup form code panel, select Copy to clipboard.

  6. Paste your code into a plain-text editor.

2. Add the unsubscribe option to your page

  1. Go to Content > Surveys, pages, and forms.

  2. Select the page you want to add the unsubscribe option to.

  3. From the Building blocks side menu, drag a text block onto the EasyEditor canvas.

  4. Select the text box, then select HTML.

  5. In your plain-text editor, copy all the code between the style and form tags.

  6. Go back to EasyEditor and paste the code into the Enter markup field in the side panel.

3. Add the script to your page

You can’t add the script tag to the HTML box. Instead, you must use the tracking code feature.

To add the script to your page:

  1. In EasyEditor, expand the UTILITIES drop-down menu, then select Add tracking code.

  2. On the Tracking codes side panel, select Add tracking code.

  3. Select Other.

  4. In your plain-text editor, copy all the code between the script tags.

  5. Go back to EasyEditor and paste the code into the Other tracking code field.

  6. For Tracking code position, select In the <head>.

  7. Select APPLY.

That's it! Once completed, you can complete and style the page with the options that are available in the editor.

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