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Create a default SMS auto-responder
Create a default SMS auto-responder

Set up a default, automated text message reply to respond to all incoming messages on your virtual mobile number or shortcode.

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Use the default auto-responder to send a generic, instant reply to anyone messaging only your number or shortcode without using trigger words, or for messages including misspelled or unknown trigger words.

Ways to use the default auto-response

Here are a couple of examples to show how you can use a default SMS auto-response. These examples just give you some ideas - of course, there are many other ways you can use the feature dependent on your needs and how your business operates.

  • To alert that a number is not monitored
    Use the default response to let the sender know that you don't respond to messages sent to this number. To help them out, you can also include a link to your contact us page.

    How strange. There's nobody here. If you need to speak to our team, visit

  • As a fallback for a trigger word campaign
    Use the default response as a fallback to a trigger word campaign. We send this response to any senders with typos or unrecognised trigger words.

    Oops! It looks like you've made an error. Check for typos and try again.

1. Create a default SMS auto-response

  1. Go to Automation > Triggered SMS.

  2. Select NEW CAMPAIGN.

  3. Enter a campaign name and select SAVE.

  4. Select CAMPAIGN OPTIONS, and then select:

    • Send type: TRIGGERED

    • Split test: N/A - this option is not available for triggered campaigns.


      Enabling link shortening saves character counts and allows you to track SMS clicks.

  5. Select SAVE.

  6. In the SMS editor, expand the Sender drop-down menu and select the sender identity you want to use for the message.

  7. Enter your default auto-response message in the Message field. Triggered SMS campaigns for use as auto-responders don't support the use of personalisation.

  8. Select SAVE & CLOSE.

2. Assign your default SMS auto-response to a number

  1. Expand the User menu and go to Settings > SMS > SMS Auto-responders.
    There you see a list of all inbound numbers and shortcodes for your account.

  2. Select Default auto-responder below the number (or shortcode and keyword) for which you want to set up a default response.

  3. Under Response rules, expand the Respond with drop-down menu and select the message you want to use.
    Only your existing Triggered SMS campaigns display in the drop-down menu.

  4. Under Actions, choose whether to add people who respond to your message to a list. If you select YES, expand the Add responders’ numbers to drop-down menu and select the list name.

  5. Under Activation, select Active to turn on the auto-responder.

  6. Select SAVE.

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