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SMS auto-responder reports

View the reports of your SMS auto-responders.

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The auto-responder reports show you all the responses received by your auto-responder. You can use it to review responses, pick competition winners, and more.

View the auto-responder reports

To find the auto-responder reports:

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports.

  2. Expand the MORE REPORTS dropdown menu and select SMS, then select the Auto responders reports tab.

  3. Select the auto-responder you want to see reports for.

Manage the data you see

You can set a date range to view your results across different time periods, as well as set a filter to display all contact responses or only first responses.

Set the date range

Use the date range control to make sure you only see the data you need.

To do this:

  1. Select DATE RANGE in the top right.

  2. In the Date options side panel, select the current time frame.

  3. Choose either:

    1. Pre-defined date range

      • Today

      • Yesterday

      • Last 7 days

      • Last week

      • This month

      • Last month

      • Last 30 days

      • All time

    2. Custom date range
      Choose your from (start) and to (end) date

  4. Select APPLY.

Filter responses

Use the filter to either show all responses or to show only the first responses from each contact.

Top tip

Showing only the first response is helpful when running competitions where only one entry per mobile number is allowed.

To filter your responses:

  1. Select FILTER in the top right.

  2. Under Responses to show, select either Show all responses or Only show first responses.

  3. Select APPLY.

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