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RFM and Revenue attribution order filters
RFM and Revenue attribution order filters

Add order filters to revenue-driven ecommerce functions.

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You can add account-level order filters to the RFM personas and Opportunities dashboards and Revenue attribution feature.

Order filters can be used to:

  • Remove refunded orders from your data

  • Exclude test orders made by your team

  • Filter out failed transactions

  • and more.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

How it works

Order filtering combines AND and OR conditions to create any rules you want. Your filters can target any order attributes.

You can create order filters based on three points: Filter field, Filter operator, and Filter value.


Filter field

Filter operator

Filter value


is more than


Set order filters

To set order filters on your customer dashboard:

  1. Expand the User menu and select Settings.

  2. Go to Commerce > Commerce Settings.

  3. Under RFM and revenue attribution filter settings, select the ORDERS filter.

  4. On the Edit order filters side panel, you can add both include and exclude rules to filter your order data based on various attributes. To add a filter, decide what type of filter you want to use, and under the heading Include or Exclude, select Click to select order data.

    When you use an Include filter, the order shows on the dashboard if it matches the filter. Exclude filters apply the reverse logic and don't show if they match the filter.

  5. Under Edit rule, expand the Filter field drop-down menu, and select the filter field you want to filter by.

    Available filter fields are based on your order schema.
    Learn more about the order schema in Data schema.

  6. Expand the Filter operator drop-down menu, and select a filter operator.

  7. In the value box, enter the value you want to add to your filter.

  8. Select APPLY.

  9. On the Ecommerce settings page, select SAVE.

Add AND / OR rules to your filters

You can AND / OR rules to your filters. To add AND / OR rules:

  1. Under Grouping, drag All are true (AND) or Any are true (OR) into your Include or Exclude rules.

  2. Select Click to select order data and follow the steps from Add order filters above, to add a new filter.

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