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Create a segment based on an RFM persona
Create a segment based on an RFM persona

We've adapted the RFM personas dashboard to let you easily and quickly create segments based on your customer RFM personas.

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  1. Go to Audience > Personas and select the RFM personas tab.

  2. From the RFM persona chart, select the RFM persona you want to create a segment for.
    This opens a side panel to show all the customers in this persona group. If no customers are visible, use the dashboard’s refresh button.

  3. Select Create segment.
    This opens the segment builder pre-loaded with all you need to target the RFM persona group you selected. If you want, you can use the segment builder to further customise your segment.

  4. When complete, select APPLY.

At this point, you are back at the RFM personas dashboard and your new segment is ready to use. You can find your segments under Audience > Segments.

Learn more about RFM personas in RFM - Standard and custom personas.

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