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Login verification

Our security feature uses cookies to store information about the device and the browser that you use to log into Dotdigital.

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When you log in, you may have to verify that you are the user who you are trying to log in as by clicking the link in the verification email we send to the user's registered email address.


After you click this link, information about the device and the browser you're using is saved in a cookie, and a new window opens to allow you to log in.

We send a verification email in the following circumstances:

  • If you haven't logged in at all in the last 30 days.

  • If you're logging in from a different device.

  • If you're logging in from a different browser.

Receiving an SMS message instead?

If you receive an SMS message that contains a verification code, it means you have two-factor authentication enabled on your account.

Login verification issues

If you didn't open the verification link in the same browser as you originally tried to log in with, you won't be able to gain access in the original browser, as the cookie has not been placed there.

If you log into two or more accounts, select the verification link in one account before trying to log into a second account.

Troubleshoot your login verification access

  • If, when you select the link in the verification email, it opens in a different browser to the one you're using to log in to Dotdigital, either:

    • Copy and paste the link from the email into the browser containing the log in screen.

    • Update your default browser settings to ensure that links always open in the browser you most often use - the steps to do this vary based on your device or operating system.

  • Check your browser settings and make sure that the browser isn't set to delete your cookies at the end of each session.
    For example, in the latest version of the Google Chrome browser, you can check these settings by doing the following:

    1. Select the Chrome menu in the toolbar.

    2. Select Settings > Advanced.

    3. Select Content Settings > Cookies in the Privacy and Security section.

    4. Check all your cookie settings, and make sure that the Keep local data only until you quit your browser option isn't switched on.

  • If you have the Dotdigital login page saved as a bookmark, check to make sure that it doesn't end with /U/. If it does, edit the bookmarked URL to remove this string of characters, otherwise you are always redirected back to the Verify your login page when you try to access.

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