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Get started with data syncing in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce
Get started with data syncing in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

Link all of your contact data between your Dotdigital account and store with data syncing.

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The connector synchronises your contact data with three different lists for three different types of users of your site - customers, subscribers and guests.

How data syncing works

This process works by batching contacts from the Dotdigital email_contact tables and inserting them into the email_importer table. From there, the importer cron processes all batched data from the importer and sends it to your Dotdigital account.

Before any synchronisation can begin, you need to create these lists in your Dotdigital account so they can be selected and mapped to from within the connector.

In addition to setting up lists, you must create and map contact data fields too. This is simply the mapping process enabling us to sync you store's data to contact data fields you have created in Dotdigital. The articles in this section explain how.


All contacts are synchronised, which includes contacts who decide to unsubscribe from your store. Therefore, to be clear, such unsubscribed contacts are removed from your store's subscribers list only; their status remains as subscribed in your Dotdigital account.

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