Map enterprise data in Adobe Commerce

Map your Adobe Commerce Enterprise data to your Dotdigital account.

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Adobe Commerce (previously Magento 2) Enterprise reward points data can be mapped and synchronised to your Dotdigital contact data fields. You can also map a customer's membership of a segment, which allows a customer to experience a tailored version of an Adobe Commerce site according to their membership of a segment.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The information outlined in this article only applies to Adobe Commerce Enterprise users.

  • You need to create custom contact data fields in your Dotdigital account for your Adobe Commerce data to map to.

  • You need to make sure you have saved and valid API credentials, otherwise your Dotdigital contact data fields might not be available during the mapping process.

Enterprise data definitions

Reward Points

  • Points - This is a count of the number of Adobe Commerce default loyalty points.

  • Reward Amount - The value of the points the customer has based on the point-value rule you have set in Adobe Commerce.

  • Expiration Date - The date the user's current points will expire.

  • Last Used Date - The date and time the customer last used their reward points in an order.

Customer Information

  • Customer Segments - If you use customer segmentation then this maps the IDs of the segments that a customer belongs to.

Map Enterprise data to contact data fields

To map your Adobe Commerce Enterprise data to Dotdigital contact data fields:

  1. In your Adobe Commerce account, go to Stores > Configuration > DOTDIGITAL > Data Mapping.

  2. Find the heading Enterprise Data.

  3. Expand the drop-down menus for your Reward Points and Customer Information data, and choose the corresponding Dotdigital data field to map it to.

  4. Once you’re happy with your mappings, select Save Config in the top right. Adobe Commerce then confirms that the settings have been saved. The next time your scheduled synchronisation runs, these contact data fields are included and mapped to.

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