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Style your dynamic content in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce
Style your dynamic content in Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce

Style your dynamic content in your Adobe Commerce account.

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You can apply the styling of your choice to all of the dynamic content pulled out of your Adobe Commerce (previously Magento 2) website.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Additional styling options beyond what we offer can be created. However, your developer will need to create new template files and override our theme with them.

Dynamic content styling

To style your dynamic content:

  1. Go to Stores > Configuration > DOTDIGITAL > Configuration and find the heading Dynamic Content Styling.

  2. For Dynamic Styling, enter your custom styling.

    This applies styling to all dynamic content areas pulled from Adobe Commerce.

  3. Select Save Config.

Additional styling options

You can also set the font colour, font size, and style for:

  • Product Name

  • Product Price

  • Product Link

  • Other Text

  • Coupon Code

  1. To set the font colour, select the Font Color field and use colour picker or enter the font colour code.

  2. To set the font size, expand the Font Size drop-down menu and choose a font size.

  3. To set the style, select the Style options from the menu.

    To select more than one style option hold the SHIFT or CTRL key when selecting.

  4. Select Save Config.

Product link text

Additionally you can edit the product link text:

  1. Select the Product Link Text field and enter your custom text.

    If no text is provided then the default text is used.

  2. Select Save Config.

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