Dynamic content: Styling options - Magento 1

Apply the styling of your choice to all of the dynamic content pulled out of your Magento site.

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To access Dynamic content styling options, in Magento, go to System > Configuration > Dotdigital > Configuration > Dynamic Content Styling.

Apply dynamic content styling

Simply enter your styling (example below) in the Dynamic Styling field.

You can also edit the product link text by entering it in the Product Link Text field.

Default text is used if nothing is entered here.


You can set the font colour, font size and style for the product name, product price and product link.


You can also set the font and background colour, which applies to the whole document containing your dynamic content, as well as being able to choose the font colour, font size and style for any other text in the document.


Coupon codes can have their font colour, font size, style, font and background colour applied.


Once happy, select Save Config to apply the dynamic content styles.


I would like to style the dynamic content beyond what is provided by these options - is this possible?

Yes - but your developer must create new template files and override our theme with them.

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