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Microsoft Dynamics engagement checklist
Microsoft Dynamics engagement checklist

Use the Dotdigital for Microsoft Dynamics connector to nurture your customer relationships and harness the power of your data.

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Review and manage contact suppressions

Protect your sending reputation and make sure you’re only sending your marketing to those who want to hear from you.

Synchronise opt-in types for Contacts and Leads

Be confident in your data management; sync your contacts’ opt-in types and be sure of your sending.

Convert Dotdigital contacts to Microsoft Dynamics Contacts or Leads

Keep your contact lists up-to-date across both systems by syncing new contacts in Dotdigital back to Microsoft Dynamics.

Review the Engagement Timeline for a Contact or Lead

Work more efficiently by viewing contact engagement all in one place directly in Microsoft Dynamics.

Set up transactional email using Microsoft Dynamics Workflows

Send customised, personalised non-marketing emails to your contacts in real-time.

View your transactional email reporting

Keep track of your transactional sending on an account and contact level.

Synchronise Contact scoring with Microsoft Dynamics

Monitoring engagement is key, and taking advantage of Contact scoring will make it easier.

Set up two-way sync for Marketing preferences

Use Marketing preferences to send more targeted and personalised campaigns.

Set up email single send

Send one-to-one emails on the back of updates in Microsoft Dynamics using workflows, and personalise using data only found in Dynamics.

Enrol contacts or leads into programs

Engage new customers or nurture existing relationships by taking advantage of automated programs.

Access Pages and Forms in Microsoft Dynamics

Bring across deeper levels of data for your contacts by pulling form responses into Dynamics.

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