Users in Microsoft Dynamics

Configure roles and permissions and map your users to access and synchronise data between Microsoft Dynamics and your Dotdigital account.

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In order to view campaign data and use the connector, users must be mapped between Microsoft Dynamics and Dotdigital, and assigned at least one email-related security role. This is in addition to the usual security roles of Microsoft Dynamics (for example, Sales Representative or Marketing Manager).

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • To use the Dotdigital for Dynamics connector, all your users must be existing users in both your Microsoft Dynamics and Dotdigital accounts.

    Learn how to add users to Dotdigital in Add a user.

New email-related security roles

Installing the Dotdigital for Dynamics connector adds four email-related security roles in Microsoft Dynamics:



Email Marketing Manager

Can manage campaigns, send campaigns, and synchronise marketing lists between your CRM and Dotdigital account.

Email Marketing Professional

Can manage campaigns and synchronise marketing lists between your CRM and Dotdigital account.

Email Marketing Viewer

Can view campaigns that have been synced to Dynamics, as well as all associated data, but they can't send or manage campaigns.

Email Campaign Connector Service (System use only)

A system-use only role that allows the account to access and update all of the entities used by the integration.

Add security roles to users

  1. Go to Settings then Advanced Settings.

  2. Expand the Settings drop-down menu and select Security under the System heading.


  3. Select Users to open the Enabled Users list.


  4. Select the check box next to each user you want to add roles to and select MANAGE ROLES.


  5. Under Manage User Roles, select the check box next to each email-related security role you want to add to the user.


  6. Select OK to apply the roles.

Map your users

All Dynamics users that have the appropriate Security Role(s) and are existing users within your Dotdigital account should be mapped. Mapping these users allows them to make use of the Single sign on functionality, by selecting Engagement Cloud from the Access section of the left hand menu, saving you time when you need to use both platforms at once.

Users who attempt to access Dotdigital through Single sign on without being mapped will receive an error message.

To map users:

  1. Go to Email Accounts under Settings. This loads the Active Email Accounts page.


  2. Select the email account you want to map users for.

  3. Select User Mapping.


  4. Dotdigital account users are listed on the left side of the page and Dynamics users are listed on the right-hand side. Expand the drop-down menu under the Dynamics User column and map the Dynamics users to the corresponding Dotdigital account user.


  5. Select Save.

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