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NetSuite integration overview
NetSuite integration overview

Learn about the NetSuite ERP integration for synchronising data between NetSuite and Dotdigital.

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Use our NetSuite integration to synchronise your NetSuite data with Dotdigital; synchronise customers, opt-ins, orders and product catalogs to allow you to gain valuable insight into your sales data to drive re-engagement and focus your marketing.

Before you start


The NetSuite integration is only available at an additional cost. Contact your Customer Success representative if you're interested in using this integration.

Things you need to know:

  • You must have a NetSuite account.

  • You should have a NetSuite sandbox.

  • You must be able to sign in to NetSuite with admin privileges.

  • You should be familiar with NetSuite and the records structure.

    Knowledge of SuiteQL is useful, but not necessary.

  • You must have enrolled your NetSuite account on the Oracle NetSuite Umbrella Beta Program

    The instructions to enrol can be found on the NetSuite Beta Program page.

Features of the integration

Our NetSuite ERP integration supports:

  • Syncing the following data types in either direction or bi-directionally between both systems:

    • Leads

    • Prospects

    • Contacts / Customers

  • Bi-directional syncing of opt-in status.

  • Syncing of order data from NetSuite into Dotdigital.

  • Syncing of product catalogs from NetSuite into Dotdigital with support for product packages.

Protect your data

We strongly recommend setting up the NetSuite integration using your NetSuite sandbox account and Dotdigital sandbox account first. By doing this, you can test your settings and ensure the data syncs correctly.

Learn more about the integration in NetSuite integration behaviour.

⚠️ Things you need to know:

  • If you have the same email address assigned to multiple records (customers, leads, prospects or contacts) in NetSuite ERP it could lead to some records in NetSuite and Dotdigital not being able to be synced. This is due to the fact that NetSuite ERP allows multiple records to use the same email address, however, Dotdigital requires all contacts email addresses to be unique as they are used as an identifier.

    See details of how the integration manages conflict resolution in NetSuite integration behaviour.

  • Imports which are blocked by the Dotdigital Data Watchdog do not sync the opt-in status if they are resumed later.

  • There is the potential for data loss if you misconfigure the integration and accidentally overwrite data in either NetSuite or Dotdigital, so you must follow the installation instructions closely.

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