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Configuration settings in Salesforce
Configuration settings in Salesforce

Learn how and where to manage configuration settings in Salesforce.

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The Configuration tab in Dotdigital for Salesforce is used to configure the connector and manage linked accounts. This area also displays system notifications, such as available upgrades for the connector.

Learn more about upgrading the connector in Upgrade your Dotdigital for Salesforce package.


Global Settings

To edit the settings that apply across the whole of your Dotdigital for Salesforce setup, go to Global Settings, under General settings.


When you select Global Settings, you see three tabs:

  • Campaign Member Values

  • Settings

  • Salesforce Data Access

Campaign member values

The options on this tab are used to control which campaign member values get automatically added to linked campaigns.

Learn more about Campaign Member Statuses in Salesforce in the Support documentation.


Having Automatically add values to linked campaigns enabled ensures that campaign member values are automatically added to Salesforce campaigns which are linked to a Dotdigital email campaign. This setting is enabled by default, although it isn't enabled on individual email campaigns.

If an update isn't required for a particular value, clear the appropriate checkbox. Select Save after making any changes.

The response values are populated with the following values from Dotdigital:

  • Email sent
    This value is set once an email has actually been sent, allowing it to be tracked.

  • Soft bounced

  • Hard bounced

  • Opened

  • Clicked

    Both Opened and Clicked are classified as Responded. This can be altered directly in the campaign if required.

  • Unsubscribed

The Protected members status values field is used to protect any existing custom member status values you have already set in a linked campaign. Responded is listed by default to ensure that this value doesn't get overwritten.

Custom Member Status values

You need to add any existing custom member status values to the Protected members status values field if you don’t want them to be updated by the connector.


The Settings tab is used to set the inactivity timeout period for your lists.

Address books is the previous name for Lists in Dotdigital.

This means that after a specified number of days, if any list hasn’t been sent to from either Salesforce or Dotdigital, it is set to manual synchronisation only and won't get included in scheduled syncs.

The number of days of inactivity can be set to any whole number value between 1 to 180 days, with a default value of 45 days.


If a list is used regularly, but is not linked to an email campaign - for example, if it’s used in an automated program - then you should select the Source List option in the list Advanced settings. This will ensure that the timeout period is not applied to this list.

Learn more in the section Edit a list's settings.

Salesforce data access

Use this tab to check the details for your Salesforce data access. It can also be used to deauthorise the current Salesforce user and then authorise a different one if needed.


Before selecting Unauthorise Application, you must first assign the Dotdigital - API Service permission set to a new user and log in as this user.

Learn more in the section Manage permission sets.

You can then deauthorise the connection with the original user and authorise the application for the new API service user by following the steps in the Configuration wizard.

Dotdigital linking

To link additional Dotdigital accounts to your Salesforce organisation, select Dotdigital Linking under General Settings.



Select Synchronise against an account to start the sync of list, campaign and suppressions data between Salesforce and Dotdigital, based on the settings you have configured under Sync options. The sync request is sent immediately and a message to confirm this is displayed.

  • Learn more about configuring your synchronisation options in the section Sync options.

  • Learn how to check the result of the synchronisation in the section Sync audit.

Settings for linked accounts

For each Dotdigital account linked to the Salesforce organisation, there are separate account settings options available. To access them, expand the Settings drop-down menu for the account.



Unlink account will break the link between Salesforce and Dotdigital and should not be selected without a clear understanding of its use.

Configuration tab displays Session Expired

Each login session has a timeout value, which can be checked and set by a Salesforce system administrator. If your session is expiring before the session timeout, your Salesforce admin needs to:

  1. Select the Setup cog and then Setup in the top right.

  2. In the left side panel, under Security, select Session Settings.

  3. Check that the Lock sessions to the IP address from which they originated setting is not selected.

  4. Select Save at the bottom of the page.

You need to log out of Salesforce for the changes to take effect.

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