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Link additional Dotdigital accounts in Salesforce
Link additional Dotdigital accounts in Salesforce

Add a new Dotdigital accounts to your Salesforce organisation.

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Terminology change

This article contains references to Dotdigital address books. In the Dotdigital platform, these have been renamed to Lists. To locate Lists in Dotdigital, go to Audience > Lists.

If you want to link a new Dotdigital account to a Salesforce organisation, additional QuickLink codes are required, one for each added account.

You don't need to download the guides or package again, and page layout changes are not usually required.

Learn more about the QuickLink codes in Download and install the Dotdigital for Salesforce package.

To purchase a new licence to connect an additional Dotdigital account to Salesforce, contact your Customer Success representative.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must log into Salesforce as a system administrator to perform the steps outlined in this article.

Link additional accounts

  1. In Salesforce, go to Configuration > Dotdigital Linking.



  2. Enter the QuickLink code for the new Dotdigital account.

  3. Select Next.

  4. Confirm that the email address is correct, and enter an email account name.

  5. Select Finish.

  6. Return to the Configuration tab to view the additional Dotdigital account.

  7. Expand the Settings drop-down menu for the new account, then select Manage Users.

  8. Select a Salesforce user to be linked to the displayed Dotdigital account.

The Settings drop-down menu for the new account should display the following options:

  • Account settings

  • Field mapping

  • Sync options

These settings are uniquely configured for each Dotdigital account.

After an additional Dotdigital account is linked, you need to select the correct account from a drop-down menu when you link a Salesforce Campaign to a Dotdigital Email address book.

Any Salesforce users of additional Dotdigital accounts must have a permission set.

Learn more in the section Manage permission sets.

Next steps

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