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Download and install the Dotdigital for Salesforce package
Download and install the Dotdigital for Salesforce package

Use the QuickLink code to install the Dotdigital for Salesforce package.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • Installation of the package must be performed by a Salesforce system administrator. This ensures that the package installs correctly into Salesforce and that you have the required permission to modify page layouts and apply permission sets to other Salesforce users.

1. Download and install the package

  1. Log in to Salesforce as a system administrator.

  2. From the confirmation email, select Get Started. This takes you to the Get Started with Dotdigital for Salesforce page.

  3. Select Install Now to start the installation process.

  4. Select the option that best fits your needs on the Install Dotdigital for Salesforce page:

    1. Install for Admins only

    2. Install for All Users

    3. Install for Specific Profiles

  5. Select Install.

  6. When the button appears, select Done.

    This might take some time. An email is sent to you when the process is complete.

  7. Select Dotdigital from the app menu in the top left corner.

2. Configure the settings

You need to set the connector URL based on your Dotdigital account region.

If you’re unsure, you can check the region of your account by logging in to Dotdigital and checking the URL in your browser window.


To update the connector URL:

  1. Select the Setup cog and then Setup in the top right.

  2. Search for Custom Settings using the Quick Find search bar.

  3. Go to Dotdigital Settings > Manage.

  4. Select Edit.

  5. Update the ConnectorUrl field using one of the following:

    1. R1 (Europe, Middle East and Africa) -

    2. R2 (North America) -

  6. Select Save.

For all regions, you must add a new remote site.

To do this:

  1. Select the Setup cog and then Setup in the top right.

  2. Search for Remote site settings in the Quick Find search bar.

  3. Select New Remote Site.

  4. For Remote Site Name, enter Dotdigital_Servers. For Remote Site URL, enter one of the following:

    1. R1 (Europe, Middle East and Africa) -

    2. R2 (North America) -

  5. Select Save.

3. Manage permission sets

The Salesforce package has separate permission sets, and each Salesforce user account that requires access to Dotdigital must have one of these permission sets applied according to their specific needs. Most Salesforce users should have the Standard Access set applied, unless read-only access is required.

To assign a permission set to a user:

  1. Select the Setup cog and then Setup in the top right.

  2. In the left side panel, under Administration, go to Users > Permission Sets.

  3. Select the permission set you want to assign.
    You can see descriptions for each assignment in the Description column.

  4. Select Manage Assignments.

  5. Select Add Assignments.

  6. Select the check box of the users you want to enable the permission set for.

  7. Select Assign.

  8. Select Done.

4. Follow the configuration wizard

The configuration wizard guides you through the remaining steps required to establish full connectivity between Salesforce and Dotdigital, and set up the system for initial use.

To complete the configuration process, you need the QuickLink code for each Dotdigital account you want to configure. You can access the QuickLink code using the Get Started link in your confirmation email.

To launch the wizard:

  1. Select the Dotdigital app from the App Launcher in the top left.

  2. Select the Configuration tab.


  3. Select Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions.


Step 1 - Agree to the terms and conditions

You're required to agree to the terms and conditions in order to proceed with the configuration of the connector.

  1. To view the full terms and conditions, enter a valid QuickLink code and select Read Terms and Conditions.


    If you don't agree to the terms and conditions then the package isn’t configured and Marketing Automation (or Email Marketing or Dotdigital) won't be available from the menu.

  2. Read the Terms and Conditions, then select the I Agree to the Terms and Conditions checkbox and then Agree & Continue.

Step 2 - Link to a Dotdigital account

To create a link to your Dotdigital account:

  1. Enter the QuickLink code and select Next.


    The screen shows the email address of the account that the QuickLink code is allocated to, as well as the account name, which is used for display purposes in Salesforce.

    This is taken from the company name given in Dotdigital but can be edited if you want.


  2. If the account information is correct, select Link to complete the account linking process.

Step 3 - Enable access to Salesforce data

The Organisation ID and Organisation Name are automatically filled in from your Salesforce user data - the name is based on your Salesforce organisation name.


To enable access to your Salesforce data:

  1. Select Allow this application.

  2. To confirm that you agree to the access of your Salesforce data, select OK.


  3. Read the Allow Access? information, then select Allow.


  4. A confirmation message is displayed. Select View Details to check the Salesforce user details.


  5. Select Close on all open dialogue windows to complete the Salesforce data access process.

Step 4 - Link users

A minimum of one Dotdigital user must be linked to a Salesforce user.


To do this:

  1. Expand the Salesforce User drop-down menu and select a user from the list.
    You can also search for a user using the Filter field.

  2. Select the Edit icon under Permissions to edit a user’s specific permissions.

    Learn more about user permissions in the section User Permissions in Salesforce.

  3. Once you've linked your users and set their permissions, select Save.

  4. A confirmation message is displayed. Close the dialogue box to complete the process.

Setup complete

When all four steps are completed, select Finish to finalise the set up.


The Setup Complete screen is displayed, and you can log out of Salesforce.


Linked users will now be able to use Salesforce for Dotdigital from within Salesforce.

Next steps

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