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Enable Site and ROI tracking in Shopware 6
Enable Site and ROI tracking in Shopware 6

Keep track of your customer behaviour.

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Site tracking

Site tracking enriches your data and understanding of your contacts' engagement with your site.

ROI tracking

ROI tracking gives you a greater appreciation of your campaigns' ROI conversion rates.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Enable Site and ROI tracking for Shopware 6

  1. In Shopware 6, go to Extension > My extensions.

  2. Find the Dotdigital for Shopware app, then expand the settings drop-down menu and select Configuration.

  3. Under the heading Tracking, select the Enable Site and ROI tracking check box.


  4. Expand the Select region drop-down menu, and select the correct region for your account.

  5. Select Save.

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