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Capture SMS marketing consent for Shopware 6
Capture SMS marketing consent for Shopware 6

Collect your Shopware customers’ mobile numbers to add to your Dotdigital lists.

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Adding SMS marketing consent checkboxes to convenient locations in your store, such as customer sign-up, checkout, and the customer account, is an excellent way to collect customer mobile numbers and consent to send them your marketing content through text messages.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Enable SMS marketing consent

To add SMS marketing consent checkboxes to your Shopware 6 store:

  1. Go to Extensions > My extensions.

  2. Expand the Settings (⋯) menu next to your Dotdigital extension and select Configure.

  3. Enter your Dotdigital API username and API password.

    This can be found on the API Users page. Learn more in Edit or delete an API user.

  4. Find the heading SMS Marketing Consent and select the checkboxes for the following options:

    1. Show consent checkbox at customer sign up

    2. Show consent checkbox at checkout

    3. Show consent checkbox in customer account

  5. For Consent text, enter the text you’d like to use.

    • Including consent text lets you describe what the customer is consenting to and a link to your privacy policy.

    • This text is stored as a ConsentInsight record against the contact. If no text is entered ConsentInsight data is not captured.

  6. Expand the Dotdigital Lists drop-down menu and choose the list you want your SMS subscribers to be added to.

  7. Select Save.

Subscription status

Your customer’s subscription status can be checked inside your Dotdigital account using the Single customer view.

Learn more in Single customer view.

It's important to ensure you always map your subscribers to the correct list and use it as a way to determine subscription status.


When a customer unsubscribes from your SMS marketing through your store, they are removed from corresponding list. However, the status is not updated in Dotdigital’s single customer view. This is to prevent the contact being unsubscribed from other connected stores or data sources linked to them.


You can view consent insight records for a customer by using the Single customer view:

  1. Open the Single customer view for a contact.

  2. Select the Insight data tab at the top of the page.

  3. Expand the Insight data drop-down menu in the top left of the page and select ConsentInsight.

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