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Send Trustpilot review invitations with Dotdigital
Send Trustpilot review invitations with Dotdigital

Send customised review invitations to your customers after they purchase a product or service.

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You can fully customise your invitations using EasyEditor and send them using your Dotdigital account and Custom From address.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have order data that matches our specified order schema.

    Learn more in the section Data schemas.

  • The integration uses catalog data to display products; this isn't required if you don't want to show products.

  • Only single-store connections are supported. Your account can't have multiple ecommerce stores connected.

  • Invitations are only sent to orders with an order_status equal to closed, complete, completed or shipped.

  • You must have a paid Trustpilot subscription.

1. Set up the Trustpilot review invitations integration

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect > Integrations.

  2. In the left menu, under SHOW, select Self-serve.

  3. Find Trustpilot Review Invitations, then select +ADD.

  4. Select INSTALL.

  5. Select +Connect Trustpilot, then enter your Trustpilot account username and password. Once connected, select Ok and then Next.
    If you're using another Trustpilot integration, your account is already connected.

  6. Read the details of the integration, then select Next.

  7. For Trustpilot Business unit name, enter your Business unit ID.
    This is usually the domain you registered with Trustpilot. To learn where to find this, check out the Trustpilot article Business unit ID.

  8. Expand the Wait time drop-down menu, then choose the number of days after an order you want to send a review invitation. Then select Next.
    Options: 7 days, 14 days, 30 days, and 60 days.

  9. Expand the Review invitation type drop-down menu, then choose the type of review invitation you want to send.
    Options: Product review invitations, Service review invitations, Combined (product and service) review invitations.

  10. For Catalog, expand the catalog drop-down menu and choose the catalog you want to trigger review invitations for.

  11. Read the integration information and select Next to complete the setup.

2. Customise your Trustpilot review invitation

After you've set up the Trustpilot review integration, we create a review invitation campaign in your account called Trustpilot Review invitation. Edit this campaign to match your brand and ensure you're ready to start sending review invitations.

Invitation wording requirements

Trustpilot requires you to write your review invitations using neutral and unbiased language. You must not include any messages or incentives that attempt to influence customers to write non-genuine reviews.

To find and edit the Product review invitation:

  1. Go to Automation > Triggered email.

  2. Find the Trustpilot Review Invite campaign.


  3. Select Edit to start editing your campaign.

  4. In the campaign design view, you can see the Review invitation block – this displays the products that were purchased at the start of the review invitation waiting period you set in step 1.
    The Review invitation block also includes a button that takes the invitee directly to Trustpilot where they can review the items purchased. This Leave review button uses the link stored in the contact’s TP_REVIEW_LINK data field, so you can remove the default Review invitation block and create your own if you’d rather.

    Learn more about editing the Review invitation block in the section Edit the Review invitation block.


  5. Edit your campaign exactly how you want it.

    Learn more about editing a campaign in the section Design a campaign with EasyEditor.

3. Enable sending

Once you've edited your review invitations, you must enable the integration so it can start sending invitations.

To enable sending:

  1. Go to Connect, then select the Trustpilot review invitations tile under Installed integrations and extensions.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. Select Next until you get to Enable integration.

  4. Expand the Enable integration drop-down menu, select Yes.

  5. Then select Submit, followed by Next.

Edit the Review invitation block

You can edit the layout and style of your Review invitation block.


You can choose to show your products and their information either vertically or horizontally.

To change the layout, expand the Layout side menu, and select the tile representing the layout type you want to use.

There are two options:
Vertical layout – product image with product information underneath.
Horizontal layout – product image with product information on the right side.

Button settings

The Button settings let you add a button to the products on your product block; you can style these to match your template.

To display and edit the button:

  1. Expand the Button settings left-side menu.

  2. To display a button for each product, select the Display button checkbox.

  3. To style the button, select BUTTON.

  4. Edit the styling of your button exactly as you want it. There are four main button styling fields:

    • Colour

      Choose a background colour for your button. Either enter a Hex color code or select the paint can icon to choose a colour within the campaign, a custom colour, or use the color picker.

    • Alignment

      Expand the drop-down menu and choose to align your button to the left, centre, right, or make it full-width.

    • Padding

      Allows you to specify the amount of space you want around the button. Use the Horizontal and Vertical input fields to enter the number of pixels of padding you want for your button.

    • Minimum width

      Define the smallest width of the button without breaking the layout. Minimum width is helpful to ensure that your button always has a certain width, regardless of the content inside.

      Enter the minimum width in pixels to determine the minimum width of your button.

  5. To style the border of your button, select BORDERS.

  6. Edit the styling of your border exactly as you want it. There are four main border styling fields:

    • Colour

      This is the colour of the border around your button. Either enter a Hex colour code or select the paint can icon to choose a colour within the campaign, a custom colour, or use the color picker.

    • Border width

      Border width refers to the thickness of the border around the button. In the Border width box, enter the number of pixels you want for your button border width.

    • Border radius

      Border radius refers to the curvature of the corners of the button. In the Border radius box, enter the number of pixels of border-radius you want.

  7. If you need to customise your button further, select MANAGE BUTTON STYLES. In this side panel, you can choose a custom style or make more detailed customisations for the text.

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