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Design a campaign with EasyEditor
Design a campaign with EasyEditor
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EasyEditor overviewUse Dotdigital’s EasyEditor to create and design email campaigns and landing pages.
Add a countdown timer to an email campaignCountdown timers can highlight time-sensitive events or promotions. They're great at adding a sense of urgency to your emails.
Change the colours in your email campaignAdd a bit of colour to your email campaigns.
Use different fonts in EasyEditorThe difference between web fonts and web-safe fonts, and the limitations you must consider when using them.
Add web fonts to emailVendors like Google and Adobe provide fonts to stylise your text. These fonts can be added to EasyEditor email templates or campaigns.
Insert unique file download links in an email campaignUse contact data fields to send each of your contacts a unique link.
Insert a calendar appointment link in an email campaignAllow your contacts to easily save an event in their calendars.
Insert links into your campaignAdd different link types to your campaign by using the link manager.
Create an invisible preheader for a campaignIf your campaign is required to have a preheader and you don't want it displayed in your campaign, then you're in the right place.
Add border lines and paddingEasyEditor makes it simple to add border lines and padding into your campaigns.
Insert dynamic rules and personalisation for subject lines and from namesUse personalisation and dynamic rules to determine what subject line and from name a contact should see.
Add data field personalisation to your email campaign or landing pageInsert personal information relating to each recipient within the body of the campaign or landing page.
Insert a GIF in an email campaignA few things you need to know before using GIFs in your email campaigns.
Images in EasyEditorLearn to add, insert, and edit images in a campaign or survey, page, or form.
Advice on image resolutions and retina displaysMake the most of the images you use in your campaigns.
Use the image managerUpload, download, store, and edit your images.
Use different languages and alphabets in email campaignsCreate and send your email campaigns in any language or alphabet.
Edit content visibility for different devicesMake sure your campaigns are optimised for mobile and desktop displays.
WinstonAI: Email Subject line and Campaign feedback assistantUse the power of AI to optimise your email campaigns.
WinstonAI: Rewrite assistant for emailUse WinstonAI for instant inspiration to help improve your copy.
Change the width of your campaignEdit the width of your campaigns created from templates in-app.
Edit the source code of an email campaignFine-tune your code and customise it exactly how you want it.
Review tools for email campaigns: the Utilities menuEasyEditor's Utilities menu has a number of tools to help you review your campaign.
Work with dark modeWhat you should consider when designing your campaign.

Add, edit, and style the Text blockAdd text to your email campaigns and personalise the text's colour, size, and style.
Resize building blocksWhen you drop building blocks into your campaign, they automatically resize based on the available space, but you can manually resize.
Save custom building blocksRe-use custom blocks you've previously created.
Edit the HTML of a building blockFine-tune and customise your EasyEditor blocks exactly as you want them.
Add abandoned cart details to your campaignInclude products in a campaign that your contacts have previously shown an interest in.
PayPalTake your contacts directly to your PayPal checkout.
Social linksEncourage your contacts to follow, like or connect with you.
Dynamic contentTailor your email campaign so different groups of contacts receive different content, offers, images, copy, or calls to action.
Social SharingAllow your contacts to share your email campaign through their social networks.
RSS feedsRSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated content, such as news, blogs or products.
The Products blockUse information from your catalog to display your products and any related data.
VideosAdd videos in EasyEditor with the Video block.
SpacersAdd spaces to your email campaign, page or form layout to space any content you feel needs more room
The Columns blockAdd columns to your email campaign, page or form layout to organise your content.
ButtonsAdd buttons to your email campaign or landing page in EasyEditor with the Button block.
The Last browsed blockRemind contacts of products they have previously looked at on your store.
External dynamic contentAdd content to your campaigns through a URL endpoint.