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An action is an event that happens as a result of a trigger. For example, if you send a text message each time you receive an email, the sending of the text message is the action, and the receiving of an email is the trigger.

An action can be as a result of a trigger from any Zapier app. For example, Zapier has the following pre-built Zaps that you can use:

Available actions

The Dotdigital Zap has the following eight actions:

Send campaign

Send an email campaign to a contact. You can provide a date and time to schedule the send, or you can send it immediately.

Enrol contact on program

Enrol a contact on an active program.

Create contact data field

Create a contact data field, and store data in it. You need to:

  • Name the contact data field

  • Select the data type of the contact data field

  • Decide if the contact data field is public or private.

    Public data fields are displayed on signup forms and preference centres.

Create or update contact

Create a new contact or update an existing one. In addition to adding a new contact to the Contacts master list, you can select a specific list from your account that you wish to add new contacts to. You need to:

  • Enter the email address of the contact

  • Optional: Add an email type

  • Optional: Add an opt-in type

  • Optional: Select a list to add the contact to

  • Optional: Update existing contact data fields.

Unsubscribe contact

Unsubscribe a contact’s email address from your account. The only required field is the contact's email address.

Refresh segment

Refresh a segment that already exists in your account. You just need to select the name of the segment you want to refresh.

Create a list

This action allows you to create a new list in your account. You need to:

  • Name the new list.

    This name can't match the name of an existing list, including Test or Contacts.

  • Decide if the list is public or private.

    Public lists are displayed on signup forms and preference centres.

Send transactional email

This action makes use of Dotdigital's transactional email functionality. It allows you to send a transactional email, with the following variables:

  • From address (required) - This is the custom from address in your Dotdigital account that you want the emails to be sent from. If a from address doesn't exist in your account, your account's default from address is used.

  • To address (required) - You can enter either a single address or multiple addresses that you want to send the transactional email to.

  • Subject (required) - This is the subject line of the transactional email you're sending.

  • HTML content (required) - This is the content of the email you want to send. This field accepts full HTML, so you're able to make your emails look exactly as you like.

  • Plain text content (required) - If you're not planning on sending an HTML-based email using this action, then you can use this field to specify the plain text that you want to send instead.

  • Cc addresses (optional) - This allows you to specify any additional email addresses you want included in cc (multiple addresses allowed).

  • Bcc addresses (optional) - This allows you to specify any additional email addresses you want included in bcc (multiple addresses allowed).

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