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15 September 2021 - Engagement Cloud for WooCommerce (v1.2.0) release
15 September 2021 - Engagement Cloud for WooCommerce (v1.2.0) release
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What's new ✨

  • We now support guest subscriptions. All subscribers are stored in their own database table, with rows created and updated via the checkboxes at user registration and checkout.

  • We’ve added a script to migrate existing customer subscribers (identified by a key in wp_usermeta) into the new table.

  • The plugin now ships with a configurable newsletter signup widget (note this is a ‘Legacy widget’ as of WordPress 5.8).

  • There is a new settings area to manage the display of marketing checkboxes and other settings.

  • Merchants can check a box to enable site and ROI tracking.

  • The plugin name has been changed in line with company branding.

Bug fixes 🐛

  • The marketing checkbox displayed at checkout has been moved to after the WooCommerce billing form, for a cleaner two-column layout.

  • The plugin code now adheres to WordPress coding standards.

  • The plugin now stores a version in the options table at install and upgrade.

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