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26 August 2020 - Engagement Cloud release notes for 2020.3.5
26 August 2020 - Engagement Cloud release notes for 2020.3.5
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What's new


  • We’ve updated our SMS API endpoints and user permissions so that they work more efficiently.


  • In the Program reports area, you can now get to the program canvas by selecting a program name.


  • We added a timezone selector to the Chat settings area; this helps to determine your out of hours settings for your team.

Commerce flow

  • If you’re a Shopify user and use the Coupon code block, you can now add more than 24 collections or enter more than 100 characters in the Eligible collections (IDs) box.

  • As a BigCommerce merchant, you can now personalise your transactional email subject lines by using variables. For example, @FIRSTNAME@, @LASTNAME@, and @ORDER_ID@.

  • In BigCommerce, you can now use variables to give your contacts’ shipping details through transactional emails.


  • You can now access an Analytics area when you build product recommendations and change their settings by selecting the Settings cog icon; this area contains UTM parameters.

  • We updated our abandoned cart data schema to better inform you whenever your abandoned cart data doesn’t match.

Microsoft Dynamics

  • Marketing preference sync is available for all Microsoft Dynamics versions, prior to Microsoft Dynamics 365. However, this doesn’t apply to the 2011 version.

Bug fixes and other improvements

  • Plus, we've made over 60 other bug fixes and improvements!

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