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08 April 2020 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.5.1) release
08 April 2020 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.5.1) release
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What's new

  • Customer attribute values captured via any input type (dropdown, multiple select, etc.) are now correctly synced as data fields.

  • We’re now handling an exception thrown if the API user is locked when mapping data fields.

  • Security is improved for SMTP configuration; SMTP host is now set via a dropdown list of options.

  • Cart insight data is now sent for all active quotes, even if they have no items. This allows merchants to exit contacts from a program if they empty their cart.

  • Merchants can now sync website name, store name and store view name via individual data fields.

  • Wishlist, Review and Order syncs now look up the transactional data sync limit once, prior to looping over websites.

  • Logging output from the Client class has been improved, and is now consistent across all methods in the API wrapper.


  • We fixed the exception thrown when trying to fetch stock during catalog sync.

  • Text compression for saved templates is now restored.

  • Unit price for some products (simple, with configurable parents) was 0 in cart insight data; this has been fixed.

  • We improved the way we fetch customer attribute values for data fields; attribute codes containing numbers (for example, title_123) won’t now break the contact sync.

  • We fixed an issue with inaccurate log output for wishlist sync.

  • An invalid return type was breaking web API processing for Swagger; this has been fixed.

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