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06 May 2020 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.5.2) release
06 May 2020 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.5.2) release
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What’s new

  • We introduced diagnostic system alerts via two channels: in-app system messages and email notifications. At this stage these are set to disabled by default.

Bug fixes

  • Data migration now functions correctly in a split-database setup.

  • We’ve improved the way we parse Engagement Cloud contact import report faults.

  • Deletion of automation enrolments and abandoned carts from their respective report grids now works as expected.

  • Automations with the status Cancelled are now labelled as such in the Automation Report.

  • We’ve improved our handling of the API response we receive when processing resubscribes.

  • We resolved some access control issues relating to non-admin user accounts.

  • We removed some excessive logging from the Cron class and catalog sync.

  • Deprecated imported and modified columns are now dropped from the email_catalog table.

  • We’ve fixed a possible insight data error by ensuring website name defaults to string in catalog sync.

  • We’re catching exceptions thrown by unserialize() to protect against unserialisable data stored for custom attributes.

  • Our syntax for where clauses has been updated to use question mark placeholders.

  • The configurable product thumbnail used in cart insight data when the cart image is set to be Product Thumbnail Itself now uses the correct store scope.

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