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12 February 2020 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.3.4) release
12 February 2020 - Engagement Cloud for Magento 2 (v4.3.4) release
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What’s new

  • Individual coupons generated by the external dynamic endpoint can now have expiry dates independent from the sales rule expiry.

  • We’ve improved our integration test coverage with two new test suites for the Importer and Contact syncs.

  • We’ve added MFTF tests for the module when it is initially enabled.

  • Contacts with an invalid store id are now prevented from breaking the sync when we retrieve a store name.

  • Subscriber resubscribes that trigger an automated resubscribe email from Engagement Cloud now have the correct Contact Challenged response status marked against the matching importer row.

  • Billing City was missing from the list of mappable fields in dotdigital > Data Mapping, and has now been added.

  • We’ve added guest sync to our list of available dotdigital CLI methods.

  • Our own custom serializer class is removed in favour of Magento’s SerializerInterface .

  • We’ve added some code to allow the retrieval of tier prices during catalog sync. This won’t affect this module’s functionality; it supports our forthcoming B2B module.


  • We fixed a regression introduced in 4.3.1, which stopped some data fields from being captured when syncing customers, subscribers and guests.

  • Deleting customers in the Magento admin was triggering two Contact_Delete rows in the importer table. This has been fixed.

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