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Track an email campaign
Add campaign-level UTM tags to email campaign links
Add campaign-level UTM tags to email campaign links

Override default, account-level UTM tracking for specific campaigns.

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Urchin Tracking Modules (UTMs) are used to identify campaigns that refer traffic to a specific website. You can automatically add UTMs to your campaigns' links, either at an account level, meaning they’re applied to all of your email campaigns, or at a campaign level, meaning you can have specific tracking values for individual email campaigns.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • UTMs can't be added to links using Liquid.

  • UTM tags aren’t automatically applied to personalised links. For example, UTM tags won't be added to https://@DOMAIN_URL@/homepage/footer. You must add the tags manually to personalised links.

  • You can add tracking to your email campaign links at an account level, to automatically apply the same tracking values to links across all of your email campaigns.
    Learn more in Add account-level UTM tags to email campaign links.

Add tracking to the links of a single email campaign

  1. Go to Campaigns > Email and create or edit an email campaign.

  2. On the Campaign details page, for Link tracking, select CHANGE.
    Learn more in Campaign setup.

  3. In the Link tracking side panel, for Adjust link tracking, select CAMPAIGN SPECIFIC.

  4. All of your currently available tracking parameters are displayed. You can:

    1. Select or clear a checkbox to apply or remove a parameter from the links in this campaign.

    2. Enter a new value for any of the displayed parameters to apply to the links in this campaign.
      Select the Personalisation icon to add a data field or system field as the value.

    3. Select NEW TRACKING to add an additional UTM parameter to the links in this campaign.

      Enter a field name and value into the relevant textbox.
      For example, setting the field as Ref and the value as email generates the following: You can also add a contact data field or system field here.

      Set the Remove unsafe characters switch to on to automatically remove characters that are deemed unsafe so your UTM parameters are not removed by website security profiles.
      The following characters are removed: < > “ # % { } | \ ^ ~ [ ] ` ‘

  5. Select SAVE.

  6. Select APPLY to confirm your changes.

To cancel any changes and restore the account-level tracking values for the campaign, select RESTORE ACCOUNT VALUES.

To edit your account-level UTM tracking, select MANAGE LINK TRACKING at the bottom of the side panel.

Any changes you make to link tracking in the campaign setup stage are applied to the links in that campaign, and the parameters and values you enter override those set at an account level for that campaign.

If you want to make any changes to your campaign-level link tracking while you’re working in EasyEditor, expand the UTILITIES drop-down menu and select Link tracking.

Commerce block level tracking

It’s possible to set tracking separately for your Product and Product recommendations blocks:

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