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Set the default display currency for a catalog
Set the default display currency for a catalog

Set a default currency for each of your catalogs, for use with product recommendations and commerce blocks in your email campaigns.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • The catalog default display currency applies to

    • Product recommendations

    • Product blocks

    • The Last browsed block

Set the default tax rate for a catalog

  1. Go to Content > Products > Catalogs.

  2. Find the catalog you want to set the default display currency for, then select Properties. This opens the Edit Insight properties side panel.

  3. Under the heading Currency settings, expand the Default display currency drop-down menu and select the currency you want your catalog data to display in.
    Your account-level base currency is selected as default.

  4. Select APPLY.

The currency you select is now automatically displayed in any commerce blocks you add to your email campaigns, and to product recommendations, which use this catalog as their data source.

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