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Create a segment from campaign tags
Create a segment from campaign tags

Learn to segment your contacts based on campaign tags in the Segment builder.

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Campaign tags help you efficiently and effectively organise your marketing efforts.

By assigning specific tags to your campaigns, promotions, and content, you can categorise them based on their characteristics, such as the target audience, the type of content, the time of promotion, or any other relevant parameters.

Segmenting your contacts with campaign tags allows you to create a group of contacts based on opens, sends, replies, and clicks on campaigns with specific tags.

Segment based on campaign tags

To create a segment based on campaign tags:

  1. Go to Audience > Segments.

  2. If you're creating a new segment, select NEW SEGMENT.
    To edit an existing segment, select the Edit icon for the segment you want to modify.

  3. Drag one of the Behaviours blocks onto the segment builder canvas.

    1. Opens

    2. Clicks

    3. Sends

    4. Replies

    Learn more about creating a segment with Behaviour blocks in Types of segment rules.

  4. Select the Behaviour block on your canvas.

  5. In the Options for... popover, expand the first drop-down menu and choose either Opened campaigns with specific tags or Not opened campaigns with specific tags.

  6. Select the check box for any tags you want to include in the segment.
    You can search for a tag in the search field if you need to.#

  7. Expand the Date drop-down menu and set your date parameters.

  8. Add or edit any other elements you want to segment from.

  9. When ready, select OK.

  10. Select SAVE to generate your segment.

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