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Set up Shopline with Dotdigital
Set up Shopline with Dotdigital

Learn to integrate your Shopline store with Dotdigital.

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Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • You must have a Shopline store and a Dotdigital account.

Connect your store

To connect your store:

  1. Go to Connect > Integrations.

  2. Use the search to find Shopline, then select +ADD.

  3. Select INSTALL.

  4. On the Installation page, review the information and select Install app.

  5. From the Shopline App store, select Use now and follow the onscreen instructions.

  6. Review the privacy information, and if you're happy to move on, select Authorize and install.

Congrats! Your store is now connected, and you should be on the Store Settings page in Dotdigital.

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