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Add the Dotdigital Tag to your website
Add the Dotdigital Tag to your website

Seamlessly integrate Dotdigital scripts with your site.

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This feature is currently in Public preview, and therefore may be subject to changes or improvements.

The Dotdigital Tag streamlines the process of connecting your website activity and data to our platforms. Use one single tag to enable:

Before you start

Things you need to know:

Set up the Dotdigital Tag

  1. In Dotdigital, go to Connect.

  2. Select Connect your website.


  4. Add a name for this connection to allow you to recognise it later.

  5. For Website domains, add up to 15 domains that you want the tag to work on.
    List each domain on a new line. Do not include https:// or www.

    • Subdomains of a specified parent domain are automatically tracked and don't need to be separately specified; a single session can include activity on the parent and sub-domains.

    • Specific subdomains, such as, can be listed without their parent domain.

  6. Select SAVE.

  7. On the Settings page, use the switches to optionally enable:

    • Web behavior tracking
      Track your site visitors’ browsing behaviour.

    • Chat
      Offer one-to-one customer support through a chat widget on your site.

    • Fresh Relevance
      Advanced personalization data capture, triggers, and on-site personalisation.
      Learn more in the section Advanced personalisation.

      You can also enable Abandoned carts, but this requires some additional customisation of the script.

  8. Under Advanced settings you can:

    • Require cookie consent
      Enable this feature to ensure cookies are only stored on a visitor’s browser after consent is given. You can use the following methods to integrate this feature with your existing cookie management system:

      • To deny consent: dmPt('setCookiesConsent', false);

      • To grant consent: dmPt('setCookiesConsent', true);

    • Enable guest carts
      This creates a contact in Dotdigital for visitors who abandon a cart but are not yet contacts in your account. You must ensure you have collected the necessary consent before sending any marketing communications to these contacts.

      We strongly recommend leaving your Regulatory settings on Enforce double opt-in for signups from signup forms and some API methods only (default). If you enforce double opt-in for all signups, then we don't recommend using abandoned cart emails for guests, as the process won't work correctly.

  9. Select SAVE to confirm your configuration.

  10. Select TEST to check the installation of the Dotdigital Tag, and enter a URL to test. Select TEST again to check that the Tag is correctly installed on the specified page.
    If there any any issues with the installation, you see a message with information about the error, and what steps to take to rectify it.

  11. Select VIEW CODE to see the Tag that has been generated for your account.

  12. Paste your Connection code onto each page of your website, before the closing </body> tag.

Once the setup is complete, and depending on which features you have enabled, you see tracking data begin to sync into your Dotdigital account as Insight data, and you can continue the setup of your Chat widget and teams.

Edit the tag

To make any changes to the configuration of the Dotdigital Tag:

  1. Go to Connect > Connect your website.

  2. Select the Edit icon for the tag you want to make changes to.

  3. Make the desired changes, then select SAVE.

These changes are automatically pushed to the published tag on the domains specified.

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