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The Shopline integration checklist
The Shopline integration checklist

Use this checklist to connect your Shopline store, and ensure you're making the most of Dotdigital.

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Connect your Shopline store to Dotdigital

First up, you need to connect your store. Your Dotdigital account connects to your Shopline store using our Shopline app.

Turn on data sync

Control how your store syncs with Dotdigital. Learn to turn data sync on or off and, if you need to, run a manual data sync.

Turn on double opt-in for subscribers

Be confident you're sending marketing campaigns to valid, monitored, consenting email addresses.

Choose lists for customers and subscribers

We'll automatically put all your Shopline marketing subscribers into a subscribers' list. But you might want to change this, or even start syncing your Shopline customers too.

Map Shopline Customer Fields to Dotdigital contact data fields

Use field mapping to map your Shopline customer fields to contact data fields within Dotdigital.

Set up an abandoned cart program

Recover lost sales and increase your conversion rate and revenue with an abandoned cart program.

Set up your welcome program

Use automation programs to welcome your customers and subscribers and keep them engaged.

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