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Hyvä themes for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source
Hyvä themes for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source

Install Hyvä Themes and enjoy improved performance, flexibility, and user experiences.

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Hyvä Themes overview

Hyvä themes are a new type of frontend themes designed specifically for Adobe Commerce and Magento.

Learn more about Hyvä Themes at

Dotdigital and Adobe Commerce

The Dotdigital for Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source integration is compatible with Hyvä Themes. The following Dotdigital features work on an Adobe Commerce store that is using a Hyvä theme:

  • Web behavior tracking

  • Last browsed products tracking

  • Back in stock widget

  • Coupon codes

  • Chat widget (specifically the ability to capture the email address when customers enter it in or log in to the store)

  • ROI tracking.

  • Page tracking

  • Page builder

  • Email submission capture

  • Customer Account preferences

  • Email capture that works in Hyvä checkout

Get started

If you want to get started, check out the Hyvä gitlab page and search for Dotdigital.

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