Synchronise contact scoring with Microsoft Dynamics


To be able to sync contact scoring data to Dynamics, you'll need to meet two requirements:

  1. Have contact scoring enabled on your Engagement Cloud account, and
  2. Have Engagement Cloud for Dynamics 2015+ v7.0.1.715 or above, 2013 v6.0.1.715 or above, or 2011 v5.0.0.10 or above

Provided you meet the above prerequisites, you'll see five new fields in the 'Email Marketing' form for contact, lead and account entities:

  • Overall Score
  • Engagement Score
  • Suitability Score
  • Score Label
  • Latest Score Evaluation

These contact scoring fields are read-only because syncing works in only one direction - from Engagement Cloud to Dynamics.

Syncing contact scoring

By default, the sync setting will be manual only.

In order to activate contact scoring, you'll need to set it to perform a daily sync. This coincides with the fact that Engagement Cloud itself performs a calculation of contact scoring every 24 hours.

After the first sync is complete, you'll see the new fields populated as below.


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