What links might I need when building emails outside EasyEditor?

We always suggest using our EasyEditor to build your emails. It provides an easy and effective way to craft 'beautiful' campaigns. If you're uploading HTML code created in third-party software, we're not able to guarantee it'll look exactly the same once uploaded to our EasyEditor.

If you're building your email outside of EasyEditor, you might need some snippets of HTML code to enable recipients to complete certain functions. Here are the most common ones:  

Code What is it?
https://$UNSUB$ Unsubscribe link
https://$CANTREAD$ View in browser
https://$OPTINLINK$ Double opt-in link
https://$PREFCENTRE$ Preference centre link

Note: If you upload HTML code without an unsubscribe link included, you'll receive this error:

FAQ_campaign_save_error_no_unsubscribe_link.pngYou'll need to include https://$UNSUB$ (an unsubscribe link) in your HTML code and try saving again.

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