Insert unique file download links in an email campaign

Learn to send a unique file download link to each of your contacts in an email campaign.


You can use contact data fields to send each of your contacts a unique link. This link can go to anything you want. In this example, we're going to explain how to send each of your contacts a unique link to a file, allowing you to control which contacts can see which file.

Before you start

You must have access to a server to upload any files to.

Send a unique file link to each of your contacts

  1. Upload your files to a server
  2. Create a spreadsheet that has two columns of data - one column for the URLs that link to the files on your server, and another column with the email address to which you want to send the file. A URL and an email address must be on the same row.
  3. Create a new contact data field to store the URL against (let's call the contact data field 'file_url'). This contact data field must have a data type of 'Text'.
  4. Upload your spreadsheet
  5. Map the email addresses to the 'email' contact data field and map the URLs to the 'file_url' contact data field
  6. Create your campaign, and add a hyperlink.
  7. Enter the Link (URL) to https://@file_url@ (this personalises the link for each contact)

When contacts click this link in your campaign, their unique file will download from the URL that you mapped to their 'file_url' contact data field.


Make sure that the URLs in your spreadsheet don't include 'http://' or 'https://'. One of these protocols will be added to the URL by default. If any of your URLs already include one of these protocols when uploaded then they won't work.

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