Suppressed contacts and domains

Learn how to manage your suppressed contacts and domains.


You can suppress emails addresses and entire domains so they don't receive anything that you send. If you want to be more specific, you can also suppress email addresses for individual address books instead of across all your address books. You can also reverse suppressions if you want to.

Before you start

Things you need to know:

  • When you suppress a contact, if they resubscribe themselves to your campaigns (or you choose to resubscribe them) they are not sent a resubscribe confirmation email. They are immediately added back into your All contacts list.
    If you'd like to have the contact the receive a confirmation email in order to subscribe themselves again, you can unsubscribe them instead. To learn more, check out Unsubscribe a contact.
  • Suppressed contacts do not count towards your contact allowance.

View suppressed contacts

To view suppressed contacts, go to Email > Contacts > Suppressed contacts.

Suppressed contacts

The Suppressed contacts tab displays a list of all of your contacts who've unsubscribed from your communications, plus those who've been automatically unsubscribed by hard bouncing once, reaching their soft bounces limit or registering as an ISP spam complainant.

You can manually add a contact to this list by selecting New contact suppression. Check out the article Suppress a contact for more details.

To find out more about the different reasons for a contact suppression, take a look at the Understand email contact suppression reasons article.

Suppressed domains

The Suppressed domains tab displays a list of all domains that have been suppressed. By adding suppression at a domain level, all email addresses in your address books for that domain are automatically suppressed. This saves you a lot of time when a company asks to be removed as a whole from your lists.

To add a new domain to this list, select New domain suppression.

To reverse the domain suppression, select the Delete button next to the relevant domain and then OK. However, any email addresses associated with the deleted domain won't be resubscribed back to your contacts. You can add contacts back by contacting support or by using the Resubscribe contact to address book with no challenge API call.

Domain suppression limit

You can suppress a maximum of 1000 domains for each account.

Suppression history and reversing suppressions

The Suppression history tab shows only manually imported file suppressions created in the last 30 days.

Please note that it doesn't show any manual suppressions you may have made by selecting More actions when inside an address book.


You can delete imported file suppressions from this list. It will result in the contacts being deleted from the whole system, although a message will inform you of this consequence before you complete the deletion.

You'll then need to add any contacts back to the address book or books they were previously part of in order to restore them and thus reverse the suppression.

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