Create an address book


Contacts are stored in address books.

You can have multiple address books to better organise your contacts. For instance, you may have an address book for each campaign you run.

You can create address books and organise your contacts in any way you see fit.

Creating a new address book

  1. Go to Contacts from the navigation bar. This will take you through toMy contacts and the 'Address books' tab, under which your address books are listed.
  2. Select New address book.

  3. Enter a unique name for your address book. You can also choose a specific folder location and add a description if you wish.
  4. Once you've completed the relevant information, select Save.

    You can now upload your contacts into the new address book (or add a contact individually), or you can do this at a later stage.

Maximum number of address books

You can create up to 5,000 address books per account.

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    When you add a description is this for your reference only, or will it be visible to clients if the Address Book is made public?

  • Avatar

    Hi Peter,

    This description is for your internal reference only. It is not visible to a contact if the address book is a public address book.

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    How many Address Books in total can one account have/create?

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    Hi Oliver,

    This depends upon your account level and permission settings when your account was created and set up. Ask your account manager for more details.

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    I am trying a free trial and wondered how many contacts I can send my campaign to as I am not too sure and I may have misunderstood from the website the data limits - could you clarify? 


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    Hi Sue,

    You're limited to sending 10 emails per campaign, or 500 per campaign if you add your mobile number when signing up, subject to reasonable usage -

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    Hey Neal, 


    Quick question. Does an Address book have to be linked to a Campaign in Salesforce for the members/statistics of the address book to be shown?

    Currently have two programs, which adds users to an address book. Contacts are shown moving through/being added to the address book in the program stages, however the actual address book shows 0 members.

    Any help would be fab.