Create an email address book

Learn to create a new address book for storing contacts in your account. 


When you're getting started with your account, you must learn to create address books to organise and store your contacts.

The number of address books you use is up to you. Some users have an address book for every campaign they send; some get by just fine with a couple. What is certain is you can create and organise your address books precisely the way that works for you.

Create a new address book

  1. In your account, go to Email > Contacts > My Contacts. On this page, you see a list of all your address books.
  2. Select + New address book.

  3. For Name, enter a name for your address book.
  4. For Folder, expand the folder drop-down menu and choose a folder to store your address book in.
  5. For Description, enter a description to help you and your colleagues understand what the address book is used for.
  6. Select Save.

    You can now upload your contacts into the new address book (or add a contact individually), or you can do this at a later stage.

Maximum number of address books

You can create up to 5,000 address books per account.

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