Establishing when a contact subscribed


For every contact, we store the date of their most recent subscription.

This information can be useful when dealing with contacts individually - for example, if they contact you to find out more about their subscription.

Finding a contact's last subscription date

To find the most recent subscription date for a contact:

  1. Edit the contact by selecting them (you can read more in Edit a contact).
  2. The date of their most recent subscription is displayed when mousing over the 'Status' tile.


If a contact unsubscribes and then resubscribes, the date of the resubscribe will be shown.

Please note: For contacts that subscribed prior to 15 October 2014, 'Unknown' will be displayed.

Manually adding a subscribe date

If you wish to manually enter the last subscribed date for a contact (perhaps because it's set to Unknown, or if you know the date you have is incorrect), you can:

  1. Find and edit the contact, and hover over the Status tile.
  2. Select the date (or Unknown if that's the case), which will open the Edit side panel.
  3. Select the link under Status to open the Last subscribed date side panel and choose a date.
  4. Select Apply. 
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