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There are numerous free templates you can choose from by going to Campaigns > New campaign > Free templates. They have attractive designs to cater for all needs.

Selecting one of these templates is the quickest way to get your first campaign up and running, and to get familiar with EasyEditor's key functionality.


About our free templates

Our free templates are grouped into collections:

  • 'Start from scratch'
  • 'Mobile email. Rebooted'
  • 'Newsletter'
  • 'Promotional'
  • 'Events'
  • 'eCommerce'

Each template has a title of its own, indicating its style and format. There should be something for everyone to work with.


Two levels of mobile responsive support

All of our free templates are designed to be mobile responsive.

However, we have two types that vary in their level of support - 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' templates and classic templates:

  • 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' templates are our fully optimised templates, designed to work seamlessly with all modern devices. 'Start from scratch' templates are also fully optimised templates.

    They feature the latest upgraded EasyEditor markup, and we'd strongly recommend selecting one of them if you want the very best support for mobile optimisation.
  • Classic templates are all of our other free templates - those under 'Newsletter', 'Promotional', 'Events' and 'eCommerce'. Whilst they're designed to support mobile optimisation, they won't feature the same high level of support and you may still find issues on certain devices.

'Start from scratch' templates are probably better suited to more experienced users who've created and sent several campaigns already.

Selecting a template

To select a template:

  1. Move your mouse over the template you're interested in and two options will appear - Select and Preview (the eye icon)
  2. Click Select
  3. Give your campaign a name and choose a folder location
  4. When happy, click Continue to go through to the campaign setup screen

You can click Preview when selecting a template to have a closer look.


Some of our classic templates have variations on colour and layout available, and you can find these variations in the top right of the preview screen. Click between the variations to check them out, and then click Select in the bottom right corner to choose a variation to use.


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