EasyEditor markup: support mobile optimisation


EasyEditor enables you to optimise your campaign for mobiles from the Styles > Display options area.

You can set the visibility of your campaign blocks to:

  • show only on mobile devices
  • show only on desktop devices
  • show on all devices

You also have two further mobile device settings for blocks:

  • preserve image size
  • do not stack content

However, the options available depend upon your campaign being built in a compatible way. If some, or all, options are missing for you, we explain below the changes you can make so you can use them.


Starting from scratch

The simplest way to ensure these mobile display options show in EasyEditor is to start with one of our free templates.

Whereas all of our free templates are designed to be mobile responsive, we have two types that vary in their level of support - classic templates and 'Mobile email. Rebooted.' templates.

'Mobile email. Rebooted.' templates are our optimised templates, designed to work seamlessly with all modern devices.

Go to Campaigns > New campaign > Free templates to choose a template. To start completely from scratch, you can also pick from one of the blank templates. 

The blank templates are optimised templates too, like those under 'Mobile email. Rebooted.'. They feature the latest upgraded EasyEditor markup, and we'd recommend selecting one if you want the very best support for mobile optimisation. 

We'll do the hard work

If you already have a template that you don't want to remake from scratch, our Managed Service Team team can make it compatible with the mobile display options for you.

For more information, contact our Support Team.

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