Edit content visibility for different devices

Learn how to make sure your campaigns are optimised for mobile and desktop displays.


EasyEditor lets you control which content within a campaign displays on mobile devices and desktop devices individually. There are also some additional setting for mobile devices to help you ensure that your campaigns look as good as possible on a smaller screen.

Manage visibility settings

To edit the visibility of a building block:

  1. Select the block you want to edit the visibility for.
  2. Go to the Styles tab and select Display options.
    For column blocks, you can also just select the block and the Visibility options are included in the Settings tab which opens automatically.
  3. Expand the Visibility drop-down menu and choose:
    1. Show only on mobile devices
    2. Show only on desktop devices
    3. Show on all devices
  4. There are further specific settings for mobile devices.
    1. To prevent image sizes from being altered on mobile devices, select the Preserve image size checkbox.
    2. To set the behaviour of content housed in columns, expand the Columns drop-down menu and choose Stack content to allow content to be arranged vertically on mobile devices, or Do not stack content to retain the horizontal layout of your content.

Compatibility problems

If you are working with older style, or Classic, campaign templates, you may find that Visibility options are not available. To learn more, check out the article Compatibility of building blocks in new responsive templates.

In these cases, you have two options:

  1. You can either remake your campaign using one of our free templates, all of which are now built to be natively mobile responsive.
  2. Our Managed Services team can work to make your campaign template compatible with mobile visibility options. There is a cost for this work, and you can contact us to discuss.
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